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Madeline Elise

In the new wave of independent pop, multi-talented artist Madeline Elise is claiming her place with a debut EP of powerful original pop songs. Don’t let the debut moniker fool you - this is an artist coming out already seasoned with a complete and developed sound that blends the catchy syncopation of Ariana Grande hooks, the danceable minor hues of Dua Lipa, and the witty wordsmithing of a Katy Perry empowerment anthem.
Steering away from an industry standard of singing mostly about love and romance, Madeline’s songs reveal a breadth of material with themes ranging from mental health and wellness, to clever observations of day to day life like how we’re all just a bunch of kids in a tune called, “Elementary.”

The leading single, “Done,” highlights Madeline’s clear vocal command and its perfect contrast with the dark textures and tones of the production. Her empowering delivery which dictates the conclusion of a relationship with an undeserving ex, also reveals the same decisive resolve that brought a younger Madeline to LA just out of highschool in pursuit of a dance career. If there’s one thing to know about her, it’s that she has the talent and persistence to get wherever she is determined to go. That resolve secured her career as a professional dancer in the competitive LA market, and is now the catalyst to pursue her other talents in singing and songwriting.

Originally from McMinnville, Oregon, Madeline’s west coast roots run deep, and are apparent in all aspects of her work. From the EP’s production credits solely belonging to a childhood friend from her hometown, to the sunshine-filled photos and videos on TikTok and Instagram, and to her casual and approachable jeans and t-shirt, girl-next-door style. Her music brings the same approachability with a veneer of simplicity that masks all the intricate designed details hidden throughout her songs: bringing a complexity that makes you want to listen again and again.

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